Moving to another country could be one of life’s most stressful experiences.
Most of us enjoy familiarity, routine and order. When you are moving, you have none of those.
It does matter how much you are prepared, it often goes beyond your expectations.
Moving from Belarus to Wroclaw has become an overwhelming experience for me. Being amazed at the city and country and yet having to cope with a lot of formalities and difficulties created uncertainty and chaos in my mind. Old memories, background images from my native country got mixed with the new impressions of life in Poland. Cultural and everyday life differences along with the paperwork created a never ending circle of happiness, depression, joy and nostalgia.
This overwhelming, overdosed experience, mental and emotional exhaustion, is the subject of my collages.
At the beginning of my move I was taking polaroid photos for no obvious reason. It could have been an attempt to get things settled quickly, receive fast results, the same as the shutter button is pressed and immediately a photo is sliding out of the camera.