Photographer, Documentary and Art
Photographer, Documentary and Art
Photographer, Documentary and Art
Photographer, Documentary and Art
Photographer, Documentary and Art
Photographer, Documentary and Art

Katerina Kouzmitcheva is a Belarusian photographer, based in Wroclaw, Poland, working at the intersection of genres, documentary and art photography. In her projects she explores the topic of human interactions and political systems, identity-constructive memory, issues of feminine gender roles. 

Katerina had her bachelor in Business law. She is a graduate of St.Petersburg’s Academy of Documentary and Art Photography “Fotografika”, holds Master degree in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland. She is the winner in the international photo competitions TIFA and BIFA, is a Gaude Polonia grant holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland. Her works are published in Bird in Flight, Monovisions, Dodho and others.


Graduate of the mentoring programs Sputnik Photos 2021/2022 and Nikon-Noor Academy 2022

2019 — 2021 —  MFA in Visual Arts programme at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland  (diploma with excellent mark)

2018 — 2019 — Saint- Petersburg Academy of documentary photography and photojournalism “Fotografika”, Russia

1998 — 2003 -Belarusian State Economic University, Business Law Faculty


2023 —  Winner of  the open call Screening vol. 3 for Museum Night, Warsaw, Poland

2023 — Finalist in the Portrait Photography Awards 2023 by Dodho Magazine

2023 — WYSTAW SIĘ W CSW 2023 competition, Torun, Poland. Shortlisted

2022 — 16. Polish National Portrait Competition. Shortlisted

2022 — Portfolio Review in Kranj Foto fest, Slovenia. Winner

2022 — 12.Opole Photography Festival, Poland. Winner of the completion ‘Pokaż się’

2022 — 6.Wielkopolski Festiwal Fotografii im. I. Zjeżdżałki, Poznań, Poland. Shortlisted

2022 — Kranj Foto fest, Slovenia. Shortlisted

2022 — Photo Match Fotofestival, Łódź, Poland

2022 — WYSTAW SIĘ W CSW 2022 competition, Torun, Poland. Shortlisted

2021 — Hamburg portfolio review, Germany

2021 — International competition “Portret Prawdziwy”, Nowy Tomyśl, Poland. Shortlisted

2021 — Moscow International Photo Awards (MIFA). Honorable mention

2021 — grant holder of the Scholarship Programme of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland ‘Gaude Polonia’

2020 — Tokyo International Photo Awards (TIFA). Gold winner in the category People-Family and Second Place in the People category

2020 — Budapest International Photo Awards (BIFA). Silver winner

2020 — 75th College Photographer of the year, “Interpretive project” category, USA. Award of excellence in the competition

2020 — TIFF Festival 2020 / / Processes, Wrocław. Shortlisted

2020 — PRAFOTA Photography Contest, Belarus. Shortlisted

2017 — Member of the Belarusian Association of photographers

2016 — Moscow International Photo Awards (MIFA). Honorable mention


2023 — “No. 11'', Warsaw, Poland

2023 — “Home: state of transition”, São Paulo, Brazil 

2023 — “The Best of — kompilacja”, Gdańsk, Poland

2023 — WYSTAW SIĘ W CSW, Toruń, Poland 

2023 — ‘If not today, then when? ’ at Browar Mieszczański, Wrocław, Poland

2023 — Zmiana/Change, gallery Geppart, Wroclaw, Poland

2022 — 6.Wielkopolski Festiwal Fotografii im. I. Zjeżdżałki, Poznań, Poland. Individual exhibition within the framework of the group exhibition 

2022 — Kranj Foto Fest, Slovenia

2022 — TIFA Exhibition at Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, Tokyo, Japan

2022 —“Infinite collection” at the Academic Design Center, Łódź, Poland. Individual exhibition within the framework of the group exhibition

2022 — WYSTAW SIĘ W CSW, Toruń, Poland 

2022 — ‘Zawierucha’ at Browar Mieszczański, Wrocław, Poland

2021-2022 — ‘The Art Of Transition ‘21. The Best Diplomas Of The Academy Of Fine Arts’ (BWA Wrocław Główny), Wroclaw, Poland. Individual exhibition within the framework of the group exhibition

2021 — ‘Portret Prawdziwy’, Nowy Tomyśl, Poland

2021 — Hamburg portfolio review exhibition, featured photographer

2021 — ‘Pink or blue? ’at the gallery ‘U Agatki’, Wroclaw, Poland

2021 — ‘Archiwalia 21’ at the gallery ‘Za szafą’, Wroclaw, Poland

2020 — ‘From Far / From Close (Z Daleka/ Z Bliska)’, Poland

2020 — ‘Equation of State’, National centre of Contemporary art in Minsk, Belarus

2020 — ‘Staying Home Together’, F-stop Magazine. Photos are included into the book Staying Home Together, presented during Trieste Photo Days festival, in Italy, 2020

2020 — F-Stop Magazine — “The Open Theme”

2019 — F-Stop Magazine — Issue “Animals”

2018 — ‘VORTEX PREVIEW’, Minsk, Belarus

2018 — ‘About love’, Minsk, Belarus


2023 — 'Hiraeth', Vivid gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

2022 —  ‘My Hut Is On The Edge’ at St. Matthew’s Rectory Church, Wroclaw, Poland

2022 — ‘My Hut Is On The Edge’ at 12.Opole Photography Festival, Opole, Poland (Museum of Opole Silesia) 

2022 — ‘Locals’ at 19. Rybnik Photo Festival at the decimated Chapel of the former Julius hospital, Poland 

Article in Rybnicka newspaper

2022 — ‘Locals’ at Entropia gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

Radio Kultura interview

2021-2022 —‘Sisterhood’ at Łącznik gallery, Wroclaw, Poland 

2021 — ‘Luna’ in the gallery ‘Behind the glass’, Wroclaw, Poland 

2017 — ‘Reflections’, Minsk, Belarus


2022 — Curator of the exhibition ‘Pho-Bos diplomas 2022'

2020 — 2021 — Curator of the International photo project 'Diary in times of Isolation' 

2020, 2021 — Judge at the Monovisions Photography Award


2021 — Creative Workshop ARTIFAKE: Art Invades Propaganda, Poland

2020 — International Art Research Conference “Alliances and Commonalities” at Stockholm University of Art, Sweden

2020 — Kaptaruny art residency, Belarus

2020 — Lisa Autogena workshop, Poland


2022 — Publication ‘Zmiana/Change’, Wrocław 2022 

ISBN 978-83-67584-04-3

2022 — Publication “Mój fyrtel/Moja przestrzeń’’, Poznań 2022 

ISBN 978-83-961216-8-4

2022 — Publication “Wystaw się w CSW’’,
Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej “Znaki Czasu”, Toruń 2022 

ISBN 978-83-66475-15-1

2022 — ARTELLS Magazine 

2022 — MARIKA Magazine 

2021 — Publication “Native’’, ASP we Wrocławiu, 2021

ISBN 978-83-66321-76-2

2021 — REBEL Magazine

2021 — SELIN Magazine

2021 — Outlast journal “Pinkipsism”

2021 — Republic Magazine “Sisters”

2021 —

2020 — Privatephotoreview Magazine “COVID -Apogee of  Artificial”

2020 — Bird in Flight Magazine “Space yard”

2019 — Dodho Magazine “MyMuse”

2019 — Dodho Magazine “I had it All

2019 — Edge of Photography Magazine “Sisterhood”

2019 — Monovisions magazine “Dreamy World”

2019 —Edge of Photography Magazine “My Make-Believe Village Life”

2019 — The Village “City trace” part 1

The Village “City trace” part 2

2019 — REGNUM UA “I had it All”

2018 — EU Neighbours “Five women who are changing Belarus

2017 — IMENA Mag “Plush beds”

2017 — IMENA Mag “Again tanchiki”

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