Space Yard 

Go for a walk in the yard! I was often sent out by this phrase in my childhood.

The yard is closed, well-known, safe to a certain extent, and there are playgrounds. I was not at all captivated by our Soviet metal constructions, but they remained in my memory and imagination for a long time.  

Only now, when they are being replaced by brand new “plastics”, I decided to continue my walk there. Like flashes of memory I photographed bits of my metal childhood. 

I asked my daughters to play with my cards and draw what they would do at these places, what they would play. Two of the key topics in my art -memory and family relationships — I gave to my children to “draw” with markers on Polaroids. The game as a characteristic component of any childhood has become multi-layered and variously reflective. Memory and memories have become linked to the past, present and future.