Becoming a mother is a major transition. New mothers give up autonomy, sleep and relationships to tend to the relentless needs of a baby. At the same time looking as a super hero, managing kids, job and personal interests, has become a standard in the 21st century. The one that we often can’t meet. That brings psychological problems to women and what is important it affects the whole family, relationship with kids.

Being a mother of two daughters I experienced those feelings as well. Along with love and care for my kids a hard feeling of exhaustion and anger are walking by all the time. Sometimes, it felt downright impossible to keep all our ducks in a row.

By documenting my daily life and relationships with my daughters on a camera that is always switched on, I analyze the amount of time I spend with my children, my emotions and engagement. In the screenshots, I also find my children’s reactions to me and our relationship. A simple routine fixation reveals the little things that escape our view in the general congestion.

Images of our voice conversations are also included. They could be heard by PhonoPaper application.

With my project I raise awareness of the parental exhaustion issue, especially from the mother’s point of view. Being both the author and the hero, I try to understand what leads to parental exhaustion and, accordingly, how to avoid it.

We do love our kids, but parenting is hard. This needs to be spoken.