Katerina Kouzmitcheva is a Belarusian photographer, currently based in Wroclaw, Poland, working at the intersection of genres, documentary and art photography. In her projects she explores the themes of identity, family relations, themes of particular places, human interaction and personal relations to them.


2019- present time —  MFA in Visual Arts programme at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland

2018- 2019 — Saint- Petersburg Academy of documental photography and photojournalism “Fotografika”, Russia

2014 — 2018 — Photocourses of Belarussion Designers Union “Photoartist”, photocourses at photoschool Studio67 — FSH1, Minsk, Belarus etc

1998−2003 -Belarusian State Economic University, Business Law Faculty

Selected awards and exhibitions:

2020 — shortlisted in TIFF Festival 2020 // Processes, Poland (project Space Yard)

2020 — shortlisted in PRAFOTA Project Photography Contest, Belarus (project Space -Time)

2020 — F-Stop Magazine — “Staying Home Together”. Group exhibition

Photos are included into the book Staying Home Together, presented during Trieste Photo Days festival, in Italy, 2020

2020 — F-Stop Magazine — “The Open Theme”. Group exhibition

2019 — F-Stop Magazine — “Issue “Animals”. Group exhibition

2018 - Group exhibition «When we were kids” Minsk, Belarus

2018 — Group exhibition “About love” Minsk, Belarus

2017 — Solo exhibition “Reflections” Minsk, Belarus

2017 — VORTEX PREVIEW. Group exhibiton. Minsk, Belarus

2016 — Honorable Mention at International MIFA competition for the series “Beyond the icerink”

2020 — Judge at the Monovisions Photography Award 2020

2017 — Member of Belarusian Public Association of Photographers

Online publications: 

2020 — Privatephotoreview Magazine “COVID -Apogee of  Artificial”

2020 — Bird in Flight Magazine “Yard games”

2019 — Dodho Magazine “MyMuse”

2019 — Dodho Magazine “I had it All

2019 — Edge of Photography Magazine “Sisterhood”

2019 — Monovisions magazine “Dreamy World”

2019 —Edge of Photography Magazine “My Make-Believe Village Life”

2019 — The Village “City trace” part 1

The Village “City trace” part 2

2019 — REGNUM UA “I had it All”

2018 — EU Neighbours “Five women who are changing Belarus

2017 — IMENA Mag “Plush beds”

2017 — IMENA Mag “Again tanchiki”


2020 — Basics of photography Erasmus students course at ASP in Wroclaw

Since 2017 Lecturer at FSH1 photoschool, “Child and Family photography” course

Commercial photography katarzynakuzmiczewa.com/