Collaboration in project of Dilay Kocogullary “Toward the Healing of Souls” , where she speaks about murders of women and how to commemorate the deceased through crocheting process.

Craft as a part of the feminist movement gives a public voice to social and political statements. It is a form of communication and release, important component of healing therapy. The act of doing a task over and over again breaks the train of everyday thought and that is what releases stress. All the crocheting craft process is made by hands. Hands represent women portraits, their thoughts, their stories.

Though the link between the craft, hand and healing is quite straight, the image of the hands has another layer in itself. Hands can heal and can kill. It is equal in its possibilities. The same as with the crocheting, it could be a set of thread or it could be an handcrafted object. Each problem or conflict has two sides.

The red string is placed over the portraits, linking the hands.
The string symbolically functions as a boundary marker between life and death, about what we speak in the project.
Red is also defined in most dictionaries as ‘the color of blood, or of a tint resembling that color’.
With all those meanings of the red string and hands portrait of women, I emphasize the problem of the femicide in this project.